Tints of Nature began over 30 years ago with three friends who wanted to make a difference for the home colourist. Today, we're a slightly bigger group of friends doing our best to bring you the worlds cleanest, most sustainable DIY hair dye and hair care products that love hair and the planet as much as we do.

We're proud to make a range that's as clean as it can possibly be without compromising performance. Because let's face it, we all want fabulous hair. And best of all, because we make everything ourselves, we know exactly what goes into our products. Visibility from field to follicle ensures there's no dodgy dealings or bad behaviour any step of the way.

Tints of Nature semi-permanent Henna Cream shades are perfect if you're looking for a temporary colour change, looking to experiment with a new shade or add depth to your existing colour.

Henna Cream shades are not capable of lifting the colour of your hair, but are designed for staying on your current base shade or for going darker. It's easy to find your perfect shade with Tints of Nature colour:

1. Simply choose any colour that's similar in depth, or darker, than your natural or pre-coloured hair and enjoy! But remember, Henna Cream semi-permanent hair dye won't lighten. So, if you have dark brown hair and you choose Golden Brown or Golden Blonde Henna Cream, all you'll get is lovely shiny hair. You won't see any colour change.

It's as easy as that!

If you want to lighten your hair go for a permanent hair dye or pre-lighten your hair with our ammonia-free Lightener Kit before colouring.

We're always here to help

Whether you're dyeing your hair yourself for the first time, or you're a seasoned DIY hair dye pro we're here to help over the phone or email.

If you're after a super-bright vibrant colour or on-trend pastel hue you can read all about our Bold Colours in this helpful blog.

You can also check out our top tips which cover everything from how to cover stroppy grey hairs, to how skin test.